For the past several months, Mike, Maurice and Stef, along with many others, have been thinking and praying through some of the prophesies, dreams and visions God has given us for the next season, and asking Him to clarify where he is leading us.

As in the past, they have found that he has given us a compass, but no map.

In this video they set out the vision he has given. It is a big, bold vision; the kind of vision we can’t do by ourselves - which is a good thing. We don’t want to work for that which we can do in our own strength, we want to be part of something that only God can achieve.

Dream big with us as you watch…

God has given our family a compass, but not a map. Will you listen to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and follow - obediently and courageously - wherever he leads?

We are in a season of multiplication and expansion, and each of us has a role to play - will you stand with us as individuals & churches?

Will you pray with us, dream with us, believe with us?

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