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Pioneer CONFERENCE 2019 Media

The 2019 Pioneer Conference is now over. We had an amazing time of worship, refreshment and equipping. If you were at the conference then the files below are your chance to re-live the main sessions and seminars. If you weren't able to make it then we hope you can get much encouragement from listening.

Main Sessions

Main Session 1 - Spirit Empowered

Speaker: Maurice Nightingale    

Main Session 2 - Word Based 

Speaker: Stef Liston          

Main Session 3 - Mission Local, Global and Holistic

Speaker: Jim Memory                                        

Presentation (ppt) 

Main Session 4 - Grace Filled 

Speaker: Dave Holden  

Presentation (ppt) 

Main Session 5 - Contextualisation


Presentation (ppt)

Notes (pdf)


Main Session 6 - Local Church Focused Mission

Speaker: Clyde Thomas

Presentation (ppt)

Main Session 7 - Servant-hearted Leadership        

Speaker: Interview with Rob and Liz Glover



Main Session 8 - Ephesians 4 Ministries

Speaker: Dave Holden

Presentation (ppt)

Note - Was originally Session 9 in the programme

Main Session 9 - Elders in Each Local Church

Speaker: Chris Taylor

Presentation (ppt) 

Note - Was originally Session 8 in the programme


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