travelling for a period of 6 months or less?

If you are making a short-term trip on behalf of Relational Mission you need to follow our travel risk and security procedures: 

Step 1: You Must Complete...

You must complete the ST1 form:

Step 2: You May Need to Complete...

The last part of the ST1 form assesses the overall risk level.  Based on the result of this assessment please complete the associated actions below:



You have 1 task

  1. Return your ST1 form to the RM team.



You have 2 tasks

  1. Return your ST1 form to the RM team.
  2. Complete a security briefing with the RM Crisis Management Team before you travel. Contact the RM team to arrange your briefing. 




You have 3 tasks

  1. Return your ST1 form to the RM team.
  2. Complete a Personal Crisis Plan using ST2 form. Return this to the RM team.
  3. Complete a security briefing with the RM Crisis Management Team before you travel. Contact the RM team to arrange your briefing. 

Step 3: Assessing your insurance requirements

Relational Mission does not hold a blanket insurance policy for travel. Therefore, assessing and obtaining the right insurance for your travel is your responsibility. 

As a guide you should consider having the following covered
• Medical, hospital and repatriation;
• Trip cancellation and disruption;
• Baggage, personal effects and business equipment;
• Money, travellers’ cheques, passports, travel documents and credit cards;
• Personal accident, legal expenses and personal liability;
• Hijack, kidnap, ransom and hostage situations;
• Evacuation from political or natural disaster;

Relational Mission may be able to reimburse you these costs. See Step 4.

Step 4: Funding your travel

Relational Mission holds a small fund to facilitate ministry travel. This budget is really for critical and essential trips. If ministry trips can be financed without needing to access this fund, i.e. self-financed, local church financed or host financed, that would be appreciated.
If this is not possible then a request can be made to Relational Mission for support. This is done by emailing with details of your request. 

If you have been asked directly by Mike and / or the Core Team to make a trip then Relational Mission will look to cover the costs you are not able to, including insurance, flights, accommodation costs.

If you have suggested the visit, you may be able to have your costs reimbursed depending on how critical the trip is.

In both instances it is important that any costs are quantified and agreed prior to you incurring the expenditure / making the trip. As we have limited resources, if these costs are not agreed prior to be incurred we will not be able to reimbursement them. Where possible we like to plan ahead, so if you are looking to undertake a trip in the following year, let us know as we can then consider this in our budgeting.

To obtain a reimbursement a request should be sent to along with accompanying receipts (ideally scanned or sent through the post).

This guidance was produced by the Relational Mission Security and Risk Management Team. If you have any questions regarding this guidance please contact the RM office. The main point of reference should be Mark Andrews