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Pioneer called to go Media

Every other year we run a training event for those considering going on mission in their own culture or another culture. In September 2018 we gathered over thirty budding pioneers all with very different missions but all with the goal of preparing well for the journey head. Below are some of the audio files and presentations from the event so that you can listen again or find out a little more about what is needed when preparing to go.

You can view the event programme HERE

Session 1a - Incarnational Mission

Speaker: Mike Frisby  

Session 1b - Values Driven Pioneering

Speaker: Maurice Nightingale  

Sorry there are no notes or audio for this session

Session 2 - Clarifying the call

Speaker: Mike Frisby  

Sorry there is no Audio for this session                      

Sessions 3 and 4 were practical exercises

Session 5 - Researching the Route

Speaker: Mike Frisby   

Session 6 - Researching the Route

Speaker: Mike Frisby

Session 7 - The Place of Prayer in Mission

Speakers: Mike Frisby (Part 1) & Mark Andrews (Part 2)