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BOOKING OPEN! You can book into our first Prayer & Equipping Days of 2018 now.

DATE CHANGE! Get your diary out and put the new date in, then read on to find out why.

Old date | 19/20 September 2018
New date | 28/29 November 2018

We have been gathering leaders at our regular Prayer & Equipping days for a number of years now. They continue to be a mix of teaching, prayer and worship as well as an excellent opportunity to be family together on a mission. We have enjoyed both hearing from our ‘in house’ speakers, and welcoming a number of speakers from outside our family of churches to inspire and provoke us. With any event that has been running for a while, it’s good to take a fresh look at it…

…and so that’s what we’ve done.

New Structure

This isn’t necessarily about lots of new ideas, more about focusing our times together in the best possible way.

February: Vision Casting
May: Culture Setting
November: Learning Community

Vision Casting

As most of you know, Mike Betts gives January over to withdrawing from the usual routines of ministry. This enables him to spend the month praying, reading, meditating on the Bible, reflecting on the year just gone and thinking through the year ahead, meeting people who he can learn from and developing personally.

This makes our February Prayer & Equipping a key time, as Mike will use the days to cast vision for the coming year, articulating how God has been speaking to him during his January time for our Relational Mission family.

Highlights for February 2018 will be: BIG VISION | BIG PRAYERS

Culture Setting

It’s important to know what makes Relational Mission, Relational Mission. What defines us as a family? What are our values? How do our values influence the society we live in? What does Relational Mission think about key issues in our culture? These are just some of the things Mike will be seeking to address in our May gatherings.

We currently have Prayer & Equipping Days in May every other year. On the alternate year, we have our larger conference – this year it is called COURAGE (have you booked in yet?!).

Highlights for May 2018 will be: COURAGE Conference

Learning Community

It is vital to pause for reflection, look back and feed back. We so often have to work really hard to make time for this and we want to adjust our final Prayer & Equipping Days in the year to give space for this together.

You may be thinking that September is a strange time to reflect on the year…and we agree! We will be moving our September Prayer & Equipping to November instead, in order to reflect the content of the days more effectively. We’ve also listened to your feedback and heard that you enjoyed sharing a meal together at our last Prayer & Equipping Days of 2017. We will be doing this again at this November event.

Highlights for November 2018 will be: Learning together for the future and enjoying each other’s company over dinner.

If you have any questions, queries or comments about this, please get in touch with Annice Green.