When we gather together as a family of churches, we get to hear what is going on in different parts of the RM world, and rejoice together at what God is doing among us. A few months ago we had a gathering where different leaders shared some stories about answers to prayer they have seen in their churches. Here are just a couple, to encourage you and raise your faith. (All names have been changed.)

The bad back

Ian had suffered from severe back pain for about 30 years. He had been prayed for many times, but without success, and had given up on ever being healed. One Sunday we were praying for healing in church. He prayed for his wife, and as he did so, he was healed!

The right place at the right time

A group from City Church, Cambridge were sitting on the grass worshipping one day when a middle eastern man came and sat near them. They got chatting to him and invited him to church that Sunday. That week there ‘just so happened’ to be a missionary couple visiting the church from the Muslim world. They spoke fluent Arabic, and were able to chat with him in his own language. By the end of the day, he had given his life to the Lord. He was only in the UK for a month, but God orchestrated all the timings perfectly.

The adoption

On Fathers’ Day this year someone in one of our churches had a word of knowledge that there was someone in the congregation who had a long-term struggle connected with adoption. During the prayer time, Mary felt prompted to go and pray with an older lady, Barbara. Barbara said that the word of knowledge had been for her - her grandson had been adopted out of the family and she had never been able to contact him. This was a heavy burden she had been carrying around for many years. Mary prayed for her, and that very week Barbara got a call from the adoption agency saying her grandson wold like to contact her and reconnect.

There are stories like this in each of our churches, but it is so easy to hear them once and forget, or to think they are just random, one-off miracles. As we gather together, though, and start to share these stories around our churches, we begin to see the hand of God moving across our family. The encouraging signs in one part of the body help to build the faith of another part, and we all grow together.

Of course, sharing them online is also a great way of building each other’s faith and praising God for his works in between the times of gathering, so do keep sending us your testimonies.

Opportunities to gather

We have two opportunities coming up where we can gather together and share testimonies and encourage one another, though:



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The Gathering

28-29 November - The King’s Centre, Norwich, UK - book in today