Part of the RM way of life is learning together. in our new series of events, ‘The Gathering’ one aspect of our time together will be learning together in ‘learning communities’

A learning community is a two year journey of culture change, and is based on the 3DM model of discipleship. There will be practical discussions and time to reflect personally as we move from a more typical programme, where we have sat and listened to teaching, to developing a new programme where we discuss it together.

One of the 3DM principles is to focus on reproducing disciples instead of just recruiting more volunteers, and this is a brilliant fit with our philosophy of ministry.

In Mike’s book, Relational Mission - A Way of Life, he calls this kind of discipleship ‘raising sons and daughters’, and draws on what first seems an unlikely source for his inspiration:

Admiral Lord Nelson was one of Britain’s most celebrated naval heroes. In an age without modern communications, Nelson’s fleets were impressively coordinated. This was, in part, because he would conduct much of his strategic planning and empowering of new talent around what became known as ‘Nelson’s table’. During meals, harnessed thinking was developed and, rather than micro managing people ‘top down’, he empowered and released his men; they felt clear on what the overall aims were, yet also released to use their own initiative. If one of his men succeeded in his plans everyone applauded his success. If, however, one failed then everyone stood together and took collective responsibility, with Nelson himself defending the man in question. This created a culture of freedom to take risks and ultimately achieve greater success. - A Way of Life pp 35-36

This kind of model has informed Mike’s approach to discipleship for several years, and is what we’re seeking to build on in The Gathering - smaller groups of people learning from one another and growing in discipleship in the context of a safe and loving family.

If you’re a leader - in the church, in ministry, in the workplace or in your community, you are warmly invited to join us. We will be starting the journey together next month - November 2018. Learn more about what you can expect, then book in…