“Clients come to us fearful, desperate, their world out of control and in a state of chaos. We put them back on their feet. We sort out the jumbled chaos of debt to understand where they are. We take the burden of the problems off their shoulders by being a shield from the threatening letters. We give them a plan, make arrangements and negotiate agreements. Now they have hope and they have structure. They can see life beyond the spiral of debt. They have a future. That is the unconditional love of debt advice.” - Community Money Advice

Part of the money raised by our Christmas Appeal this year will go to churches running Community Money Advice centres in Peterborough and Southend, UK.

As well as helping clients who are struggling with debt, they also work with other money issues. After all, it’s better to stop someone falling into the raging torrents in the first place, than to have to rescue them from drowning further downstream.

Just this week King’s Money Advice Centre (KMAC), in Southend, reported: “Back from a Benefit Tribunal supporting a client to make a case for the reinstatement of PIP. Great result :-) Backdated to April AND increased. HUGE result. Wow! Get in there! :-) “

(PIP is the UK benefit given to people with disabilities/life-limiting illnesses.)

Having the money he or she needs and is entitled to will prevent this client from falling into debt. The compassion, expertise and time invested by the KMAC team in understanding the client’s situation and helping him/her to navigate the legal system were all vital components in bringing about this transformational decision.

Through your generosity this year, many more people will be empowered to take control of their finances and have their lives restored.

All the projects we have chosen to support have this kind of potential to bring freedom and empowerment. You can learn more about them, and find out how to donate, on our Christmas Appeal 2018 page.