Do you remember Christmas? It seems a long time ago now, but for Pathways from Poverty it’s still going on - that’s because our Christmas Appeal is still open!

If you’ve sent in your donation already, or donated through your church, thank you!

If you haven’t given to this appeal, would you consider doing so soon?

Here are two of the ways your giving will help:

Transforming broken families

Supporting families.png

One of the most significant causes of poverty - and one of its most common effects - is a broken family life. When things in the home are disrupted, it can have an effect on everything from family finances to mental and emotional health of all family members. This can work itself out in children being under-nourished, having discipline problems, and struggling to concentrate at school, all of which can continue to spiral into long-term challenges.

The 180 project, led by Community Church Chafford Hundred, is seeking to help Christians promote positive social, economic and educational change in their community. They have a holistic approach to the needs around them, seeking to intervene in as many areas as possible, with lunch clubs, early intervention, youth mentoring and money advice amongst other things.

To support this work and ensure that it reflects ‘joined-up thinking’, to help families get the most out of the support offered, 180 employs a Family Engagement Worker who works within the community, helping to provide long-term support, rather than just sticking on plasters.

Your donation will help to fund the Family Engagement Worker for the next year, bringing hope and help to children, young people and parents in this needy area of eastern England.

Thank you!

Supporting good choices


The best pathway out of poverty is, of course, employment. However, a prolonged period of unemployment, for whatever reason, can lead to lack of confidence and self-esteem, increased anxiety, and depression.

The Choices course, which has been run by a number of churches around the country, has seen real success in helping people shake off habitual and long term negative attitudes and influences, regain employment and powerfully transform their lives. Many churches have also seen people join Alpha courses and other church-based activities after doing the course.

Your gift will help King’s Church Norwich run a Choices course in Summer 2019, with a view to rolling it out across their venues in the future.

Thank you!

These are just two of the projects we are supporting with this year’s appeal. To remind yourself of the others, click here. To learn more about how the appeal works, click here, or if you’re ready to give click the big orange button.