The beans have all been counted and you invested a grand total of…

£44,048 / €49,470

…in our family’s ministry to our broken world through this year’s Christmas Appeal.

Thank you!

Your generosity will help members of our family in the UK and mainland Europe empower people struggling with debt, mental ill health and isolation and family breakdown and those in marginalised communities. You have played a part in helping hundreds of people find pathways out of poverty.

Elle Knight, project manager of the 180 project in Chafford Hundred, UK, told us what it meant to them to have members of our family from across Europe supporting them in this way:

“It is so encouraging for us to know that thousands of people across RM recognise the importance of the local church serving their communities, and offering hope in dark situations. Not only that, but that they are willing to give sacrificially to enable us to do this work on our patch. We are so grateful - thank you!”

The funding has been put towards the salary of the 180 Project’s family support worker, enabling her to build on the relationships and trust she has established in the community, and to provide stability for the families she has been working with. In vulnerable communities, consistency and stability can be vitally important elements of our service, giving clients confidence and a sense of security.

We asked Elle what the Family Support worker does in the community, and she told us:

“Our Family Support Worker will connect with families who access our social action projects, including Make Lunch, Early Intervention mentoring and secondary schools work. She also supports our team who run community initiatives such as parent & toddler groups and coffee mornings. She will be able to offer families hope, support and direction so that they are able to overcome their challenges. She'll be able to offer prayer regularly to families as part of our work. Our experience tells us that this often leads to further conversations about faith with families.”

It sounds like a busy job! Thank you for providing not only the financial support she needs, but the comfort of knowing she and the project are not alone but are supported by a wider family across the world!

Remind yourself of the other projects your generosity is supporting by watching the video below.

Thank you, and do keep praying for them all.