When we start asking God to use us, that’s a request he is very happy to answer, as Justin from Kingsgate, Bury St Edmunds found out on a recent visit to his car mechanic (the mechanic and car pictured are not Justin’s, just for illustration purposes!).

Last week I got to pray for my mechanic! Dropped by to get him to look at my AC, and he told me he was selling up as the business hadn’t really worked out... We chatted a bit about what was next etc., then I felt God prompt to pray for him... I offered, he cautiously accepted and I got to pray that God would provide buyers for all of his remaining equipment, and a taker for the unit, but also for protection over his finances and his family and that God would tie up all loose ends and provide him with a new job opportunity... He seemed encouraged, and I definitely was!! Been really wanting God to use me in the everyday rather than just through planned outreach time, so thank you Father!

How encouraging! We can all do the same if, like Justin, we look for opportunities, listen to the Holy Spirit’s prompting, then step out in #courage.

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