God has given us a bold vision:




We believe he has said that we can expect to achieve more in 20 years than many have in 50. Check out our vision page to see what some of that might look like.

This vision requires a huge investment. It is a stretch, and we are taking a leap of faith together, reaching for the sky. Would you partner with us in this? The first stage is to raise an additional £300,000/€350,000 by the end of 2020.

Can you help?

There are three ways you can get involved, and they mirror the way we think about prayer:

  1. Regular, committed giving

    This is like the daily rhythm of prayer, the solid foundation that underpins everything we do. Regular committed income - even if it is only £5 or €5 each month - helps us to plan effectively and to know what we can commit to. Could you join our Grassroots Giving community?

  2. Giving to specific initiatives

    As with our ENOUGH prayer nights, when we come together to give additional prayer to a few initiatives or situations, we are launching a new way for you to give financially to specific areas of our family’s mission. If there’s something you want to get behind financially as well as in prayer, you can now do that. Visit the giving page for some ideas of initiatives you can support today.

  3. Special offerings/Christmas appeal

    Just as we sometimes put out calls for special prayer for particular situations, so we have regular ‘special’ offerings, such as the Christmas appeal, which supports Pathways from Poverty and other initiatives to empower the vulnerable. This year’s Christmas appeal will be launching in November, but it is extra to the £300,000/€350,000 we are seeking to raise for our ongoing work.

Could you be a ‘giving warrior’, supporting those on the frontline with your faithful financial support?

Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting some of the initiatives you can give to to help us reach our goal. We will also be sharing about some thank you gifts you will receive if you join our community of Grassroots Givers.

But you don’t have to wait! Visit our new look giving page now and start investing in our mission together today.

Thank you!