At at our Leadership Conference in 2018 we explored a key theme that God had been talking to us about - #COURAGE

God has given us exciting dreams for this next season: 20,000 people praying, leaders raised up, and churches planted into every nation of Europe. The resources from the conference are available for you to watch or download and take with you. But we are called to be not just hearers of the Word but doers, too.

So in early 2019 we launched a new initiative called Acts of Courage. We want to see people across our family being released into all that God has for them. Individuals growing in courage; listening, stepping out, growing in faith. Through this, like a pebble dropped into a calm pond, the ripples touch, move and inspire those around. The ripples impact, speak to and encourage the community around us.

We would love #actsofcourage to be the theme of your next RM Sunday, which you and your church can explore and outwork together. Find out more about our overall #actsofcourage campaign and resources to help below.