We have collated a number of resources together to help you with your RM Sunday. These are outlined below and will be continually updated as new material comes available. Many of these you can pick and choose from according to what best fits into your context.

We have split these into 4 areas:

Courage / Acts of Courage: Resources relating to our main theme, to help with preaching, worship and ‘calls to action’ amongst the congregation.

We are Relational Mission: Resources to help communicate about us a family in terms of vision and values.

Invest with Us: Resources to help facilitate offerings.

Other Ideas to Consider

Initially the resources provided will be produced in English. If you would like to get involved but really need the resources translated into another language, please get in touch and we can work this through with you.

View / Download this example format for an RM Sunday to give you an idea of how this could look. This is just one example, be creative and explore how this could look for your church.

#COURAGE / #ActsofCourage

  • Video: Mike Betts’ first message from the COURAGE conference unpacks what we mean when we talk about living a biblically courageous life. This video is available to download and show in your church.

  • Preach: In this sermon from Lowestoft Community Church, Mike unpacks what we mean by Acts of Courage.

  • Worship: This playlist gives you a list of songs we used at the Courage conference.

  • Stories: Acts of Courage can be outworked through all the ‘chapters’ of our life together. We have produced two initial videos showing how this might be done through the lens of Everyone a Witness and A Church for a Broken World. You can download these to show in your church and challenge your congregation to find their own #ActsofCourage stories.

  • Practicalities: The other messages and seminars from COURAGE 2018 are also available from our COURAGE pages and can help you help your church to apply the lesson in different areas of life and ministry.

  • #ActsofCourage ‘I did it!’ cards: These are available from the RM office. Just write to us letting us know when your RM Sunday is planned for, and we will send some out to you. (And when those have run out, you can download and print your own, here.)

  • Powerpoint Templates: Download 4:3 & 16:9 slides and use to help facilitate your RM Sunday. [RECENTLY ADDED]

AoC card EXAMPLE.png
  • 1000 Acts of Courage: For more information, and to be kept informed when more resources and ideas are available, contact Bev Willis.

We are Relational Mission

  • Book: Mike has written the book Relational Mission - A Way of Life, which explores and unpacks what it means to be a part of Relational Mission. Why not order a few boxes for your church! Find out more HERE

  • Leaflet: Download a copy of the Our story, our future, giving a flavour of the Relational Mission family story so far, the things we’re looking forward to in the future, and ways individuals, families and churches can be part of our Relational Mission. Tell us here if you'd like printed copies of this leaflet.

  • Branding: Relational Mission Branding & Guidance files to help you produce own materials:

  • Powerpoint & Slides: 4:3 and 16:9 (+Jpeg version) of the RM Vision [JUST ADDED]

  • Vision Video: We are Relational Mission - Download [JUST ADDED - Subtitles to be added shortly]

Invest with Us

  • It would be amazing if you were able to include an offering component as a part of your Relational Mission Sunday, to support our ongoing mission together. If you don't feel this would be appropriate, perhaps you might encourage people to consider supporting our Grassroots Giving campaign.

  • Specific details about giving to Relational Mission can be found HERE.

  • Powerpoint & Slides: 4:3 & 16:9 (+Jpeg version) to help facilitate offering. These detail the online mechanisms to give directly to Relational Mission. These can be amended if an offering is being taken up in a more traditional way during the RM Sunday.

  • Vision & Giving Video: Longer version (Download) incorporates vision and call to give. Short version (Download) just the call to give. [JUST ADDED - Subtitles to follow]

Other Ideas to Consider

Here are some suggestions for other elements to incorporate into your Relational Mission Sunday:

  • Speakers: Invite a speaker from another Relational Mission church to preach and to share what is going on in their locality.

  • Testimony: Make space for testimonies from those in your church who are involved with serving other churches or perhaps looking to church plant, etc.

  • Video link ups: Connect live with a church plant on your Relational Mission Sunday to hear more of what's happening in their situation and then pray for them.

  • Pray: How about using some of the ENOUGH video resources HERE.

  • Other resources: Alongside those mentioned, there are a number of other resources available online that you could use.